An ocean of love

An ocean of love what I found inside, dancing with my breath

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Autor: Begoña True
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Magic I saw in my life when I let my love create.

This is a true amazing experience I am living, creating from my heart magic and beauty, sensing the physical and non phyisical dimensions at the same time, fully grounded in the present. Again it is written through poems to express easily the feelings so you can feel too. The beauty and magic also lies in creating through feelings, which is what true imagintion is about, feelings that come from the heart, instead of emotions that are related to the mind. Love comes from the heart and when expressed it creates, when felt it creates, when experienced as creations in life it is just amazing, for everything is reflecting back my love. My body can be amazing aswell, hearing not only with my ears, smelling not only with my nose, seeing not only with my eyes and sensing beyond my skin. Seeing the angels and the magical beings, colors I haven´t seen before, I feel like I am living in wonderland.

These poems are about the inmense love that I feel for myself and about my true creatorship, my divine essence has all the way told me that anything can be, that I can live here on earth in my magic nation, filled with magical beings and wonder, where things work with ease and fun and with new energy, energy that is free and unlimited as my consciousness for everything serves me, it is my consciousness that makes things work.

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