I Would Die For You

I Would Die For You

Dear Sister, 1

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Autor: Maya Shepherd
La editorial: GD Publishing
N° de páginas: 280
Idioma: English
Escrito: Feb. 2015
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Categoría: Literatura y Ficción » Fantástica  |  Tipo: Novela
Etiquetas: Dear Sister, Maya Shepherd, Ulrike Maria, Romance, Romantasy, Fantasy, Vampire, Witches, Werwolfs

Is Winters sister Eliza still human?

Six months ago, Winter’s sister Eliza disappeared without a trace. Nevertheless, their parents refuse to give up hope. They still believe that their eldest daughter will return soon. Winter never believed Eliza’s disappearance to be a crime. She and Eliza never got along and her sister never thought about anyone but herself.
On a school trip to London, Winter thinks that she sees her sister. Winter and her girlfriend Dairine start to investigate, and during this investigation their music teacher becomes a suspect. Suddenly, horrible ritual murders are happening in the region and Eliza becomes a suspect. Winter makes an observation which makes her doubt that her sister is even still human.

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Maya Shepherd | Autor en XinXii.com

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Maya Shepherd was born in 1988. Her passion for writing began with short stories and fairy tales,. She soon went on to write song lyrics and screenplays until she finally devoted herself to writing novels. With the publication of her first novel "Black Hellebore" she fulfilled her dream of being an author.
Maya Shepherd writes her blog with wit and charm nearly every day at www. mayashepherd.blogspot.de.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MayaShepherdAutor
Twitter: MayaShepherd

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