Intervallic Method for electric bass

Intervallic Method for electric bass

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Autor: Adrian Barbet
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Escrito: Mar. 2010
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workbook, for electric bass and acoustic bass,interval study

92 pages edited in 2010 Spanish Language practice book intermediate / advanced level bass clef Major scale, Whole-tone scale, Melodic minor melodic scale and Diminished scale triads, arpeggios, phrases technical exercises, intervals with chromatic notes more than 400 examples! intermediate / advanced level 'Método de Intervalos'' is a fantastic resource for electric and acoustic bassists. Adrian Barbet shares valuable insights into learning the bass by using harmonic, melodic and rhythmic concepts to challenge beginning, intermediate, and advanced players.
This book is a 'must-have' for all aspiring bassists! John Goldsby, Author "The Jazz Bass Book" ( Excellent! been looking at your book and there is some great stuff in there. Very challenging exercises and helps you learn the whole neck of the bass. Great work! Harvie S (

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