Isabel and her Magic Land

Isabel and her Magic Land

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Autor: Begoña True
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Idioma: Português
Escrito: Abr. 2014
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Categoría: Infantil y Juvenil » 6-12 años  |  Tipo: Novela
Etiquetas: fun, magic, imagination, shaumbra, begona true, books, children, story, illustrated, animals, dreams, love,

Beautifully illustrated book about imagination and fun for children and adults

Isabel and her Magic Land" is a beautiful and inspiring story for all ages. It is a story about creativity and imagination, about magic, about our own ability to make real our dreams.
One day I asked myself: what would I create for myself to enjoy life on Earth? I would create my own Paradise, I thought. What does Paradise look to me?, was my second thought. A beautiful piece of land with rivers, lakes and all sorts of animals, I answered myself. And friends, I also thought, to share beautiful experiences with. And I made a couple of tiny drawings.
Some time later I wrote down some of the experiences I would like to enjoy, and so, "Isabel and her Magic Land" was coming to life, because many of the experiences I would like to enjoy are indeed magical, and many others are just about enjoying the true beauty of life.
Then I began creating the illustrations for my book and let my imagintation run wild. I saw that there were more stories within them, though I didn´t write them down. They are there to discover, to take me into a magical journey each time different.
When I look at them I see them coming to life, I hear their jokes, I feel their love; they accompany me during my day and life becomes magical and fun.
But the most beautiful i show since I began writing this book, I started atracting people and experiences to make real my dream of teaching others to imagine again and create, and make real their own dreams. That’s why I call these clases Dream Drawing, because as you dream and paint you bring in your dreams.
These clases are for children and adults and you can now more about them at my web site.
Begoña True, Art, Criativity and Imagination Teacher.

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